Starr Revolvers

Working and repairing a Civil War-era revolver.

by RK Campbell

One of the reasons I took on a Starr revolver rebuild was that I consider it an honor to work on such a storied and significant firearms. This piece has been around our nation in warfare and served both the good and the bad in the Old West. The Starr is a double-action revolver designed by Ebanezer Townsend Starr and made by the Starr Arms Co. The revolver illustrated was used by a Pennsylvania regiment during the Civil War. That’s America! There are a few parts for the revolver here and there and, at present, the Starr isn’t nearly as expensive as Colt, Remington, and Smith & Wesson revolvers. Let’s look at what is needed to take apart and repair this interesting revolver.

We’ll start with disassembly. The thumb screw at the top of the frame is…

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