Rival Arms Glock Builds

Improving a Glock by fitting a Rival Arms slide and barrel. Here’s what to look for and practical considerations.

by RK Campbell

Whatever your opinion of the looks and handling of Glock pistols, they are a tremendously popular handgun. The Glock is a baseline for personal defense. They are reliable and respond well to a trained shooter. If you instead go with a less expensive firearm, consider what corners have been cut; if you pay more, consider what you are getting for the additional money. The Glock is durable and has survived well in long term use, even if nobody buys them for aesthetics. I used to call the 1911, “Old Ugly” but Glocks are worse with a black, business-like, angular, and homely look.

Firearms have been the object of customization for hundreds of years and it was only a matter of time before Glock pistols had their share of accessories. Barrels and sights came first, then custom dust covers and triggers. Now we have gorgeously machined aftermarket slides that offer not only crazy good looking lines but improved durability and function. Glocks are responsive to modification and are easily modified by those with skills. The slide is the first priority for many and an aftermarket slide is often less expensive than having forward cocking serrations cut into an existing slide.

Rival Arms (Rival-Arms.com) offers a number of slides, barrels, frame parts, and sights for Glocks. Their Precision Upgrade slides have a number of custom features made with very distinctive and attractive machining. In addition to iron sights, they are also optics ready a removable top plate to allow mounting a Ruggedized Miniature Reflex type red dot sight.

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