Choate Modular Stock

Choate Machine and Tool, a manufacturer and OEM supplier of rifle stocks, shotgun magazine extensions, and firearms accessories, is offering their Choate Modular Stock (C. Mod) chassis system. As a modular design, the C. Mod allows the user to change the forend or buttstock without removing the rifle action from the main chassis section after installation and/or bedding. This modularity provides adaptability for different shooting preferences without disturbing action-to-stock fit or needing to reconfirm zero after reconfiguring the set up.

At the base is a CNC machined chassis made from a block of aluminum. When installed, the chassis rigidly holds the action while the desired buttstock and forend can be changed as needed. The chassis uses the popular AR-style magazine release, eliminating accidentally dropping the magazine by hitting a release lever located in front of the trigger guard. C. Mod magazines accept cartridges up to 2.860 inches in length such as the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, 6mm Remington, .257 Roberts, and 7X57 Mauser, among others. Each C. Mod chassis includes two magazines and the required action screws.

The versatility provided by the C. Mod is in the selection of forends and buttstocks. Currently, forend options include a target/varmint style forend with a wide, flat bottom and a sniper/tactical style forend that is shorter and slightly tapered toward the muzzle end. Both come with a T-rail and bipod adapter. Buttstocks options currently include a basic tactical style, AR-style telescoping buttstock (compatible with any AR-15 buttstock), folding stock/pistol grip combination, and fully customizable target/tactical style with adjustable check piece and length-of-pull. All buttstocks and forends include required hardware for installation.

C. Mod stocks began availability for the Remington 700 short action and Remington Model 7. MSRP is $710 and includes the CNC machined chassis in anodized matted black, the tactical forend and buttstock, and two magazines. For more info, contact Choate Machine and Tool (, 800/972-6390).

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