M94 Winchester Vintage Peep Sight

When asked if I could install his older Redfield micrometer adjustable peep sight on his top eject Model 94 .30-30 WCF rifle, my answer was right there – Yup! Darn good choice.

by Norman E. Johnson

My first experience with a peep sight was back in 1952 as a U.S. Marine. I had never used the peep sight before and managed to earn an Expert Rifleman qualification badge quite handily with the old M1 Garand. I’ve used quite a few peep sights since, until my aging eyes told me it was high time for a scope.

A peep sight isn’t mounted just any place on a top eject rifle. In fact there isn’t a lot of room. First of all, there must be a flat surface sufficiently to the rear on the left side of the receiver for ample screw attachment of the sight base. There also must be adequate receiver wall thickness to accommodate the attaching screws. The older pre-1964 Model 94s met both of these requirements.

The Redfield peep sight attachment base began as a…

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