Loading Ramp Bedding Pillar Combo Installation

Here’s how the Model 700 Remington rifle, converted to single shot with a special loading ramp and serving as a dual-purpose bedding pillar with added central action screw, shoots with the best of them.

by Norman E. Johnson

In my long journey as a rifle builder there have been numerous improvised and modified parts adaptable to the performance improvement of many of these rifles. Such was the case with a
Model 700 action set into a Bell and Carlson target stock, made over as a single shot and equipped with a special dual purpose cartridge loading ramp and bedding pillar. This rifle is also a switch barrel with two bolts and four barrels, chambered for .260 Remington, .270 Winchester, .204 Ruger, and 5.6×44 (.223 Improved) of my own design.

Getting To The Work

There was nothing mysterious about this work. Bedding pillars are commercially available for this purpose but not…

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