Woodworking Tool Basics

Quality tools are a must for any project, including wood working. Here are the must-know basics.

by RK Campbell

An all around gunsmith must have on hand a good number of proper tools including chisels, files, and assorted hand tools. In this category of tool the value of each one is based on the ability of the user. They say a poor workman blames his tools and this is true to a large extent. However, there are a number of poor quality tools available and while price isn’t always the sole indicator of quality, cheap tools are cheap tools. With the better class of tool the quality remains after the price is forgotten.

Gunsmiths and other craftsmen also like to have a warranty but the very nature of our craft will often void a warranty. We like to modify our tools and change the edge and surface in order to have a something better suited to the task at hand.

I have done quite a bit of wood working. While it wasn’t all on gunstocks, most of it has been. A stock may modified to have a better fit, to look better, or to be more accurate. We rout out areas, we fix dents and cuts.


Considering tool modifications, how about a…

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