Walther Video Manual

Walther Arms and Panteao Productions collaborated on a Walther PPQ Armorer’s Bench video. This full-length presentation gives a detailed look and thorough review of the Walther PPQ series of pistols. Larry Vickers from Vickers Tactical and Bret Vorhees, Vice President of Strategic Development at Walther, review the variants of the PPQ pistol, naming of the pistol, the modular backstrap system, field disassembly, cleaning and lubrication, reassembly and safety function check, cycle of operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, magazine maintenance, complete detailed disassembly, and accessories. Larry Vickers demonstrates field use of the PPQ series including proper grip, drawing from a holster, shooting skills, clearing malfunctions, and a range drill to hone skills.

Each Walther PPQ pistol will include a copy of this video on DVD providing the owner of the PPQ with a detailed review of the pistol. Segments from the video are also available to view on the Walther website. The full video will be available on DVD, digital download, and streaming from Panteao Productions. DVDs are also available from Walther Arms.

“Most folks who purchase a handgun rarely go through the printed owner’s manual thoroughly. We wanted to come up with a video that would walk the owner of the new Walther PPQ through everything we feel they should know, or at the very least, have at their finger tips if they ever need it,” said Fernando Coelho, President of Panteao Productions.
“By listening to our customers, we wanted to give them everything they needed to know about the PPQ. Walther is the performance leader, and what better way to show this to our customers than by explaining everything the PPQ consists of and what it can do,” said Cody Osborn, Marketing Manager of Walther Arms.

Since Walther doesn’t offer an Armorer’s Course to civilians, this video is the best resource for the disassembly, troubleshooting, and maintenance of a Walther PPQ. This video-based owner’s manual providing information about the gun and how to use it is a great approach that hopefully more gun companies will embrace.

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