More on Running the 1911

Additional tips on everyone’s favorite Browning design.

by RK Campbell

During the past few months I have ran into a number of problems and malfunctions with the 1911 handgun that even at this stage took a bit of time to figure out. Some were operator error caused by a lack of basic knowledge on the shooter’s part. Others needed a deeper look.

I have regarded the 1911 as artwork in steel and also as Old Ugly – depends on the moment. Regardless of mood, a properly set up 1911 should be good for at least 600 rounds between cleaning and with minimal addition lubrication along the way. Incidentally, all of the problems and fixes encountered and discussed here occurred with good quality 1911 handguns. None were Philippine or Turkish guns nor were they parts guns or old GI guns.

This brings us to the first lesson. A shooter brought in his Springfield Loaded Model. The problem, he stated, was that the piece would…

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