Rifle Grouping Problems, Perplexing Solution

Sometimes solving an isolated shooting problem with our rifles will demand all the study and analysis we can put into it.

by Norman E. Johnson

Every once in a while we may be faced with a gunsmith/shooting situation that turns out to be more elusive than we had anticipated. I had built a rifle chambered for the 6x45mm cartridge as one of a quadruple switch-barrel set up. The chosen barrel was a Criterion six groove with a 1:8 twist which would stabilize bullets to just over 100 grains. I went with a Model 700 Remington short action, originally chambered for the 221 Remington Fireball, circa 2008, as my choice in building a super accurate, medium-weight rifle capable of extreme accuracy.

Following my customary diagnostic procedure, the action was precision bedded into a Bell and Carlson Medalist varmint weight stock without floor plate, but a magazine cutout did exist. A bedding pillar/loading ramp was bonded to the magazine cutout as an integral unit replete with central action screw. Sighting equipment left nothing to guess work with a Talley Picatinny mounting system and a well-proven 32X target scope. There were no compromises.

From the outset, including the bore break-in, the rifle displayed ordinarily fine accuracy with a…

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