To Be or Not To Be!

Determining when your part-time gunsmithing is ready for full time.

by Bill Smith

No, I am not going to quote Shakespeare. Hell, I don’t even understand him let alone quote him much – guess that makes me a peasant or something.

To open a full-time shop or not to, that is the question. More than likely you started gunsmithing part-time. After spending so many nights and weekends your business has grown and your wife is threatening divorce. If the later is true, let her do it before you do open a shop and get into a six or seven figure annual income bracket (ha!)

Many gunsmiths suffer from too much desire to be full time, be their own boss, or listen to the wrong people. To open a full-time shop one should realistically look at several things so that you don’t have to add a second line such as sharpening lawn mowers just to keep beans (let alone steak) on the table.

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