Hogue OverMolded Stock

A hard look at Hogue’s rifle stocks molded from durable synthetic rubber. Are they a viable improvement?

by RK Campbell
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Keeping Garands Running

How to keep America’s classic battle rifle running well.

by RK Campbell
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Gauging and Services

The U.S. Army gauges and services weapons annually to ensure that they are fully mission capable (FMC) at any given time.

by Stephanie Martz
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Kimber and Colt

An overview of two target pistol projects.

by Charlie Briggs
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Savage 10 BA Stealth Precision Rifle

This rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor delivers 0.5 MOA or better accuracy without breaking the bank. I made a simple modification to help me shoot it better.

by Glen Calvert
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Remington 783

Tips and procedures for working with this newer Remington rifle.

by RK Campbell
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Freedom Cabinet Raffle

Freedom Cabinet Raffle

Metal Art of Wisconsin (MetalArtofWisconsin.com, 920/717-0635) is a family-owned business in Wisconsin offering metal forming, shaping, and plasma cutting. Their custom designed art pieces hang on the walls of numerous studios, banks, museums, churches, hospitals, cemeteries, and memorials all around the world. Metal Art also makes a number of practical designs with their artistic flair.

Their 2nd Amendment collection includes metal and carbon fiber Freedom Cabinets. Both decorative and functional, these American flag-shaped cabinets are available in matte or glossy black with stripes cut from 16 gauge, cold-rolled mild steel, and finished with three layers of clear coat. A number of locking systems secure each strongbox, including invisible RFID lock, key cards, and biometric scanners. Each Freedom Cabinet comes complete with a tough, high-density foam insert that can easily be configured to store guns, valuables, booze, dirty secrets, or anything you want to conceal. Encased in a steel, lockable frame, whatever you decide to store in it will be safely hidden behind Old Glory. Available in 2, 3 and 4 foot sizes.

Freedom Cabinet Giveaway

Metal Art is giving away one of their newest models in the 2nd Amendment collection, a Biometric Fingerprint Freedom Cabinet Slider. With outside dimensions of 23 x 15.5 x 3.5 and inside dimensions of 21 x 12.5, the flag is cut from 16 gauge, cold rolled, ground and polished mild steel, then covered in three layers of glossy clear coat. The steel is inlaid and flush with the surface of wood for a three dimensional look and is all secured with a high-tech biometric (finger print) locking system.

To enter this giveaway, host a small, local shooting event. An easy, quick, scored course of fire held during a local hunter sight-in is ideal but anywhere and any type of shooting event you choose works. Submit a picture of your event along with a short description to the Editor and we’ll put you in for the drawing. Winner will be announced in December.

Event Ideas

Hunter Bullseye: This is an ideal event to be held at your next hunter sight-in day. One cheap paper target (sample for printing at home is included) on any 100-yard range.
Hunter Bullseye download

USAR Postal Match: Conducted by the U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program, these events can be held on any 25-meter range.
U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program Postal Match download

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