Savage 10 BA Stealth Precision Rifle

This rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor delivers 0.5 MOA or better accuracy without breaking the bank. I made a simple modification to help me shoot it better.

by Glen Calvert

When I decided to buy a reasonably priced precision rifle about two years ago, the Savage 10 BA Stealth and the Ruger Precision Rifle were the two main choices available then. Both had proven to be very accurate in gun test articles, averaging better than 1 MOA. I already had a Savage bolt gun that had impressed me with its accuracy. After handling each and looking closely at their designs and prices (Savage had a $150 rebate), I chose the Savage.

The Savage is a true chassis rifle where the receiver bolts directly to the billet aluminum chassis. The forend is part of the chassis and does not touch the barrel or barrel nut. The chassis also contains the magazine well and trigger guard. The buttstock tube (AR buffer tube) screws into the rear of the chassis. The barrel is 24” long with a 0.75” diameter at the muzzle. It has 5R button rifling with 1:8 twist and is fluted. The barrel muzzle is threaded and has a knurled cap. The bolt is their floating head, two lug design. It has the excellent AccuTrigger. The buttstock has the typical AR six position adjustable length of pull, an adjustable comb, and a flip down rear plate that gives access to a small storage compartment. There is a three position safety and the magazine holds ten rounds. The empty rifle (without scope) weighs about 9.5 lb. I broke in the barrel with the “shoot a round, clean the barrel, repeat” method.

The next step was…

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