Taurus G2 Pistol Improvement

These inexpensive handguns can be a good choice, especially with the modifications and attention outlined here.

by RK Campbell

Among the most popular Taurus International handguns of the previous decade are the PT111 Millennium G2 and G2c series. I have tested these handguns extensively and have a generally favorable opinion of them – at least related to the price point. However, nothing is perfect and these handguns like most inexpensive handguns have their share of breakage. This seems true of the 9mm and .40 versions. Common sense tells us the .40 has more momentum but either handgun may show up at the shop for similar complaints. The improved Taurus Millennium G2c may address most of these problems.

As one example, an early model Taurus PT111 Millennium was examined with a…

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