Scoping .22 Semi-automatic Pistols

With a good measure of creativity, the shooter-gunsmith is often able to reach new heights in accuracy accomplishment… even with the little 22 semiautomatic handguns.

by Norman E. Johnson

As a devoted shooter, a wide variety of firearms have always been of interest to me, including handguns. Back in the early sixties I became particularly interested in semi-automatic .22 pistols. I had used these little handguns in sport shooting, hunting, and competition, exhausting most means of conventional testing of these fine little guns limited only to my visual acuity and the most effective way of holding them steady.

Why Not Scope Little Pistols?

One day while shooting several .22 handguns, I studied it and wondered just how well it would shoot with a precision mounted scope. Several features had to be incorporated into such a unique…

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