The New Wave

As a small-shop gunsmith, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by retailing giants. Here’s some ways to keep ahead.

by Bill Smith

If you have a crystal ball and take the time to look into it, you will see the future of the gun business. Believe me, it is undergoing big changes. How does this affect you, the gunsmith? Well, let’s review what is happening and after you rub last night’s sleep out of your eyes and drink that second cup of energy, you just may be one of the more perceptive people that can understand, agree, and adjust your business to cope with the new wave. Let’s hope so.

This article is not a forewarning of impending doom. It is a notice to advise you of what is happening, will continue to happen, and to get you to overhaul your flexibility so that you can continue to profit (?) and keep your place in the sun. So, pour a drop of Hoppe’s No. 9 in your coffee (or however you take your bean juice) and read on.


Retailing is changing in most areas. The only areas that are not are ones of such…..

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