Gunsmith Poll

An idea for our target audience of gunsmiths from reader and contributor, John Tate.

Some gunsmiths live in jurisdictions and states where they can receive and return a firearm with no hassle. This is the case in my native New Mexico. Other gunsmiths live in more restrictive areas, like those in New York, where they must effectively re-sell the repaired gun to its owner.

I’m curious what a poll of gunsmiths would produce if asked the following:

1. What “return to owner” regulations exist in your state?

2. How onerous those regulations in restrictive locations like New York have turned out to be for you, your business, and your customers?

3. For any gunsmiths operating in such restrictive locations, has anyone found any benefit of any type to such restrictions?

For any readers that would like to weigh in, please send your response to the Editor.

New Subscriber Premium

Looking for ideas for our target audience of gunsmiths.

We currently offer all new subscribers a premium by sending them a copy of our Learn Gunsmithing: The Troubleshooting Method book. See for details. We’ve been offering Learn Gunsmithing for some time now and are considering a different (or additional) premium. One idea considered was “American Gunsmith’s MOST WANTED” which was “10 Projects, Fixes, and Upgrades Every Gunsmith Should Know”.

What gunsmithing topics would be of more interest to you and add value to your subscription? For any readers that would like to weigh in, please send your response to me.

Other Promotional Events

To kick off the new year, I’d like to host a promotional event that involves as many of you as possible but can be done without significant travel. I have ideas but would first like to hear from you.
What sort of pro-gun event of benefit to gunsmiths and other firearm enthusiasts that you can host or participate in locally would interest you most? What sort of events would have the most appeal to you and to other subscribers? What would be a way to tie in with your fellow subscribers? What sort of prizes or other incentives would create the most motivation to participate? Finally, what sort of event would likely create the most pro-gun publicity or image in your local community?

I’m open to all ideas. Please contact me with yours!

Read more in the January 2020 issue.

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  1. In Virginia, (yes that Virginia, that is trying to take away the second amendment) the only restriction we currently have is, I have to run a background check on anyone picking the firearm that is not the owner. So, if a man drops off a firearm to be repaired, and sends his son or wife to pick it up, I have to complete the ATF form as well as the Virginia form and run the background check.

    Dave Johnson

    Leatherneck Gunsmithing

  2. Making old issues available to subscribers for downloading and compiling an index of topics such as you already do annually may be a good way of gaining positive attention among potential new subscribers.
    As a working gunsmith i never know what will come in the door next. I can think of no ten projects, fixes, etc. that would be of greater value than the accumulated knowledge published in your magazine over the years. Thanks for doing a great job! -Gene Hall, Precision Technical Services, LLC

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