Hi-Point Carbine

Hi-Point Carbine

Taking on the Hi-Point Carbine, here’s my take on setting up this inexpensive 9mm long gun.

by Paul Mazan

“You bought a what?” A Hi-Point Carbine in 9mm. “You’re kidding.” No, I’m serious. “But, why?”

That was pretty much how the conversation went with several of my friends. My answer, “Because I’ve heard so many conflicting reports on the gun, I decided to find out for myself” never seemed to make sense to them. The gun had been labeled a piece of junk by the gun gurus on the Internet, so it must be true. Most of them didn’t own one and many had never shot one but they knew how bad they were. Like so many things we see on the Internet, they are often wrong but never in doubt.

I started my adventure into the PC carbine world at a “zombie shoot” in Colfax, Iowa where event director Matt Pierce uses his vivid imagination to put on some of the most fun shoots I’ve ever attended. One of the classes allows the use of pistol caliber carbines and those folks were having so much fun with them I started to pay attention. As I asked around, I found most of the major entries in the category represented. Beretta Storms, AR variants in 9mm, the Kel-Tec Sub2000, and my grandson with his first gun purchased in his name shortly after his 21st birthday, a lowly Hi-Point Carbine. In the last shoot we started seeing the first of the Ruger PC Carbines show up.

The object of the game is to shoot about 20 zombie targets per stage as quickly as possible. There are four stages so 80 rounds minimum as fast as you can shoot and hit the targets soon separates the reliable guns from the others pretty quickly. Naturally, every magazine change is a liability and a stoppage pretty much puts you out of the competition for first place but you still get to play for the rest of the day. As you might imagine it doesn’t take long to weed out the problem guns.

As you might expect, the guns all held up pretty well with most stoppages due to…

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