Drop The Hammer

It is all in the trigger. Here are some new procedures I recently picked up working on 1911 pistols.

by RK Campbell

I have often stated the 1911 pistol is the Mr. Potato Head of firearms. Changing the hammer, trigger, stocks, and sights isn’t that difficult and may lead to big dividends. The trigger is one of the most important parts of the handgun as far as control and marksmanship are concerned. Some shooters see the latest adjustable match trigger in the popular press and feel that they need that trigger for their carry gun, yet their skills have not advanced to the point where a match trigger would be of any aid to them. Others do not realize that a lightweight trigger action may be contraindicated on a carry gun. But other shooters are skilled at what they do and have reached the point that a good trigger that matches their hand size and trigger finger might be a big improvement.

The trigger should be comfortable. If not, it is like a floppy holster or a poor belt. A good fit means a lot. The trigger must…

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