New Eyes for an Old Woodsman

Upgrading an old iron sight pistol with modern reflex sights.

by Robert Coles

You never know what someone will bring in and slide over on the counter. I opened the case and a classic Colt Woodsman Target Model .22LR wearing a very good blued finish was neatly tucked in a foam insert. This pistol was obviously well cared for and the owner wanted better sights since his aging eyes of 87 years couldn’t focus well enough to acquire good sight alignment. He did mention that whatever work I did, I couldn’t reduce any value to the pistol.

With a fixed front blade sight and an adjustable target rear sight I started with the normal questions. What’s the price cap on this project? Are you okay with better irons or do you want an optic? His eyes squinted, “An optic, like a scope?” I began to cover the benefits of a reflex sight as seen on so many pistols today, explaining…

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