Accurizing Savage Model 112s

Selection of a non-custom rifle for serious target shooting can be a most difficult choice as inherent quality must be there or all may be for naught. Savage Model 112 rifles challenge the best of them.

by Norman E. Johnson

A variety of rifle models have been important in my accuracy and research work for well over a half century. I’ve worked with more than a score of Model 40X Remingtons alone and in a wide variety of calibers with most bedded into original factory wood stocks. They have been a benchmark in my work. In the interim I have also used and tested other available rifle models chambered in a variety of factory, modified, and wildcat cartridges as well as several of my own design. But for unknown reasons it took much longer for me to recognize the merits of the Savage bolt action rifles, particularly the older Model 112 single-shot series. This prompted me to add the older Savage 112 to my switch-barrel rifles. These fine old single-actions, made from 1975-1979, would demonstrate, along with a few changes, accuracy potential equal to my other rifles, including a number of the Model 40X rifles.

Though I could have gone to custom stocks in these older Savage Model 112 rifles, I chose to use…

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