Savage Trigger Guard Screw Fix

The rear trigger guard screw on the Savage Model 112 is poorly supported and often strips out, along with a chunk of walnut base wood that goes with it. Here’s how to make a permanent fix.

by Norman E. Johnson

Unlike most other bolt rifles, where the rear trigger guard screw serves to draw the action snugly into the bedding, the Model 112 Savage does not. Ordinarily, the rear Fillister head screw need not be taken out to remove the Model 112 action from the stock; but it usually is, and the hole wears out – sometimes breaking a chunk of wood with it.

To remedy the problem, the space surrounding the screw hole can be enlarged and a new threaded base and screw installed to solidly anchor the trigger guard. In the process I enlarged and squared off the damaged area of the stock surrounding the old screw hole. I opened and squared off the socket to fit a piece of aluminum about a half inch cubed. I used a small chisel and a Dremel tool to form the space for the aluminum block. The block was formed to closely fit the hole, allowing some space for bonding material at contact surfaces. A 10-32, 82-degree screw head is used to attach the trigger guard to the new aluminum block.

As a way to position the screw hole, the aluminum block is placed in the…

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