Tech Sights

Mounting and using Tech Sights, an ideal aftermarket iron sight.

by RK Campbell

I have been testing a number of modern quality .22 caliber rifles recently. Among the numbers tested, some are better than others. While this has a degree of simple personal preference, one defect noted among them all was the poor sights. The old blade rear and post front is useful for general target work in training new shooters and perhaps small game at short range but that is all. On the other hand, my M1A and AR rifles, although designed long ago, feature excellent quality aperture sights that make for fast and accurate shooting. The same certainly isn’t true of the sights still found on popular .22 rifles, including the Ruger 10/22 and Marlin 60.

I elected to upgrade the sights on the Hunting Tactical Super Sixty and my choice wasn’t difficult. In the past I have installed Tech Sights (, 843/332-8222) on customer’s rifles and the result was a great improvement. I checked their website to see if they had anything available for use on my build. While it was no surprise to see the ever-popular Ruger 10/22 have accessories offered, the Marlin 60 is also covered by Tech Sights. That was satisfying as there simply aren’t many Marlin 60 accessories.

The factory sights in general are not suited for…

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