TruProducts are designed for cleaning, lubricating and protecting the metal of outdoor gear based on 100% synthetic oils engineered to bond to metal and create a lasting barrier of protection and lubrication for hunting and fishing equipment. TruProducts do not separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris, or extreme high and low temperatures. Field and laboratory testing performed over the years prove TruProducts outlast traditional oils and lubricants every time. They minimize maintenance time and expense, reduce equipment failures, and decrease replacement costs.

TruRecoil is TruProduct’s line of multipurpose, synthetic lubricants for firearms tested in temperatures over 350 degrees and under -65 degrees. TruRecoil’s strong molecular structure resists oxidation, evaporation, and chemical changes, unlike oil-based products that begin to decompose upon exposure to air. This prevents a sludge-like residue sometimes seen with petroleum products. Available in four or two ounce bottles and in Gun Oil (wet) and Dry Wipes. In addition to lubrication and surface protection, TruProducts carries a line of mult-caliber cleaning kits (Portable Tactical, Multi Caliber Pistol, and Gun Care/Range Bag) with pull-through cables intended for field use.

TruProduct’s blend of additives penetrate the surface protected, push impurities to the surface, and leave a barrier of protection against oxidation, rust, and wear from friction. In addition to firearm protection, TruProducts also offers TruCast for fishing gear used in fresh and salt water fishing, TruCycle for bikes and motorcycles, TruDraw for archery, TruReed for WaterFowl field use, and TruEZE as their industrial-strength all purpose home, farm, and auto oil. TruProducts also maintains a line of industrial products for manufacturing, welding, machining, and other uses.

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