10mm 1911 Troubleshooting

1911 handguns chambered in 10mm have earned a reputation of unreliability. Here’s how to correct that.

by RK Campbell

I have worked 1911 handguns for many years, usually chambered in .45 ACP and occasionally .38 ACP Super and 9mm. 1911s are sometimes chambered in the 10mm cartridge, which has proven more challenging in many ways. Introducing greater power and momentum into a firearm originally intended for a low pressure number simply cannot be done without trade offs. After dealing with the first 10mm 1911 handguns up through modern variants, I have discovered most of the quirks. Some are the same as high-wear .45s, while others are unique to the 10mm.

While most failures seem to be related to the magazine in the .45, there are other factors with the 10mm…

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