The AR-7

Working the Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer rifles and variants.

by Mark R. Hollensen

Well, in came another one. I was handed a small box with a Charter AR-7 rifle barrel and action inside. The conversation with the customer began with him saying “Well, I loaned this to my brother-in-law and when he gave it back to me, it was like this in this box.” Typically, my first question to the customer when handed a firearm that has been disassembled is, “Are all of the parts there?” And typically, I am immediately told “Yes sir. I made sure they all got placed in that bag.” Essentially, my customer just told me that he took the rifle apart. No worries though. We just need to get her back together and functioning properly again.

But wait. Working properly? This rifle is widely known as the “jam-o-matic”, isn’t it? Or so I have heard over the years. And that may be true, but my experience with these rifles has been most favorable, just so long as you work with the rifle by trying a …

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