Marlin 1895 Magazine

Creating an extended magazine for the .45-70 1895 XLR Marlin.

by Charlie Briggs

After over 30 years of ‘smithin, you still never know what will come in next . Withing a two week period I had two different customers bring in “blown-up” (or nearly so) guns! One was a modern S&W Sigma and the other an ancient bolt action 20 gauge. Fortunately, both were repairable, the owners were diplomatically educated as to what caused the problems, and how to avoid repeat performances. The Sigma had been fairly well disassembled and cleaned but reassembled incorrectly. Turns out, the customer cleaned the pistol with Hoppe’s No. 9 while drinking Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7; thankfully not the other way around, but still unacceptable. The shotgun damage was largely caused by an ignorant shooter stuffing a 3” magnum shotshell into the seventy-year-old bolt action. Luckily, neither shooter was injured.

Recently, things got really interesting (at least to me) with a new project. A customer with a beautiful, laminated stock .45-70 Marlin XLR and four-round carbine-length magazine wanted a custom full-length eight-round magazine for the additional capacity. Very cool, at least in my opinion and particularly here in Florida where we’re blessed (cursed?) with some damn good-sized wild boar. This would also be useful for anyone contemplating a trip to Alaska where brown bears can exceed 1400 pounds. Such an improved firearm would even be great for brush or thick woods whitetail hunting as I have done in Georgia and Missouri.

The customer’s rifle is…

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