Colt Python

The new Colt Python is a gun alone.

by RK Campbell

The new Colt Python was met with much anticipation. Interestingly enough, there are many conflicting opinions and feelings concerning the new revolver. After all, the original Python is revered as Colt’s finest revolver of all time, perhaps the finest revolver in the world. I have no argument with that opinion. Colt whetted our interest by introducing a new Cobra a few years ago. By any standard, the new Cobra is a stronger handgun than the original Police Positive Special-size Cobra revolver. So Colt proved they can produce a superior revolver. In a similar vein the modern Single Action Army and Colt Series 70 handguns are superior to the original as shooters in my opinion. The metallurgy is leagues ahead of the older revolvers.

I like the idea that shooters are able to obtain and use a Colt for the purpose it was designed for. That is, personal defense, trail use, home defense, and hunting. By the same token, I have the greatest respect for those that collect and preserve historical pieces. I march to a different drummer and like to own historical pieces in order to learn how accurate and reliable they are. While the implement is important, the men who used the firearm are more important, and the men who built the firearm also very interesting. There isn’t as large a gap in time and technology between the older Python and the new revolver.

I think a great deal of concern is because the pistol is an icon and some were worried that Colt would cheapen the new model. They have not. With several months of evaluation in, I can state the new Python is a …

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