IMI Jericho Model 941F

Israeli Military Industries makes a number of effective firearms, the Jericho Model 941F pistol among them. Here’s how to work them.

by Mark R. Hollensen

The call came in from a potential customer describing that his trusty “9mm ACP pistol” was no longer working properly. He told me that the hammer cocked back to the rear, but when pulling the trigger, nothing happens and the hammer wouldn’t fall. However, if he thumbed the hammer back from the cocked position, he could hear a “click” and then the pistol would fire. I received the pistol shortly thereafter to inspect, test, and finally provide the owner with an estimate of repairs. Often this is a straight forward process, but on occasion, it isn’t so simple, as was in the case of this pistol.

We’re talking about an IMI (Israeli Military Industries) Jericho Model 941F, 9x19mm pistol in satin nickel finish. These pistols are single-action only, have an all-steel construction, sport a 4.5” barrel and have a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The sights are adjustable for windage only and are low profile. The finish appears to be durable, looking and feeling much more like a hard-chromed finish, rather than their stated satin-nickel finish. The gun feels very solid in the hand and has a very comfortable grip. Trigger pull is really good (when it works properly) and the gun in hand today appears to have been shot quite a bit. These pistols are reported as being Israeli Police turn-in guns and are identified by a unique Police “star” marking or emblem etched or engraved on the right side of the frame forward of the serial number (the location on this pistol anyway).

First and foremost, I began looking into the history of this pistol, along with parts sources, and to determine if it was under any current repair warranty. I like to begin there before opening up any firearm on the chance that the product is covered under an active warranty. My research for the pistol first led me to IWI (Israel Weapon Industries, LTD) since the owner’s manual I had on file was printed by them. I spoke with a customer support representative that shared with me that the “IMI Jericho 941F” pistol on my bench had been imported into the United States by K.B.I., Inc of Harrisburg, PA. And according to source records found, K.B.I. Inc went out of business on January 29, 2010. The service representative went on to say that the IMI pistols were not under any IWI warranty and that they don’t recommend utilizing IWI Jericho double-action pistol parts in the IMI guns, stating that they may not work properly since the IMI guns are single action only. After that phone call, I researched further and found that parts are still available for these IMI guns, with most being found on the Numrich ( website. You will need to look under “Kassnar” to find them.

I also found that in 2005…

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