The Linda Carbine

Looking for a different PC carbine? Wilkinson Arms has it.

by Glen Calvert

I first saw the Linda Carbine in an article about two years ago. To me, it was a neat retro design with a high “coolness” factor. I wasn’t interested in a pistol caliber carbine at the time as there were higher priority guns on my wish list. I did keep the article for future reference and when I came across it again about six months ago, I thought it was time. Unfortunately, the Linda was on back order so I put my name on the Wilkinson Arms website (, 208/495-4958). Recently, I was notified that the carbine was available and I confirmed the order. I received it in a week.

The Linda Carbine is a direct blowback design chambered in 9mm Luger and fires from a closed bolt. The bolt “telescopes” over the breech end of the barrel and has a hole in its center that the barrel fits through. When the bolt is closed, the front of the bolt is about 5.5” forward of the breech instead of being just behind it. The Uzi uses the same type of design, which shortens the overall length of the carbine. Having the magazine well in the pistol grip also makes things more compact; the barrel extends only 10” past the front of the receiver. The Linda, like the Uzi, attaches the barrel to the receiver with a large nut. The barrel has a slot that indexes it on a pin in the barrel support sleeve that in turn is threaded into the receiver. The receiver, trigger housing, and barrel shroud assembly are aluminum. The bolt and barrel are steel.

The Linda looks like a submachine gun with the cylindrical receiver, barrel shroud, stamped steel sights, and tube stock. It has elements of the Thompson, Sten, Uzi and M3 SMGs. The walnut butt plate and foregrip are a nice contrast to the black powder coat finish. The “old school” design aspect shows up in other places. The bolt does not lock open on an empty magazine and the bolt cannot be locked in the open position. The magazine does not drop free and must be pulled from the mag well. The sights are attached with screws to the receiver with no provisions for adjustment. The Linda ships with a 31 round magazine and an 18 round mag is available.

The Linda weighs …

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