CZ 75 Kadet Adapter

How to fit the CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II, a 22 Long Rifle conversion unit for CZ 75/85-series pistols.

by RK Campbell

I hear interesting things at the ranges, shops, and gun shows I frequent. It isn’t all about work. Sometimes it is idle curiosity and meeting with like minded people. When I walked into a shop recently one of the first things I heard was, “I would have ran him out!” The story was evidently a good one. Many things are humorous when they don’t happen to you.

The story was that a gentlemen had came into the shop looking over a number of CZ 9mm pistols, including the CZ 75 Omega, a CZ 75B, a P-01, and the CZ 75D. He told the clerk he was determined to purchase one of them and the slight difference in price was not a problem. But, he continued, they had to fit his CZ Kadet conversion unit. That was the deal as he had found the unit for a song at a pawn shop and wanted to acquire a CZ 75 9mm to go along with it. The shopkeep did the proper research and it turned out the Kadet should fit any of the steel frame 9mm pistols on hand but not the polymer CZs. As it turned out it did not fit the CZ 75 Omega, seemed too snug on the P-01, but fit the CZ 75B well if very tight. The customer went away happy and the clerk reassembled the handguns. An interesting story and I suppose the fellow behind the counter went above and beyond. The other worker, however, stated that he would not have taken new guns apart (they were really just field stripped) just to try jamming the customer’s conversion unit. That is a decision for another time.

Fast forward a few days. The fellow had been firing the CZ Kadet conversion on his new CZ pistol and was quite happy, at least until he decided to…

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