Lever Action Iron Sights

Iron sight options for lever action rifles.

by RK Campbell

I have used lever action rifles for most of my life. While I enjoy these rifles I also understand their limitations. The power of the 30-30 Winchester isn’t as much a limiting factor as the sights commonly found on the rifles. Shot placement is everything and barleycorn sights are not the best bet for accurate shooting. I tried tang sights and while they are interesting, they simply do not suit my personal style. In the field they had to be pressed into position to be used and were not snag free. I never experienced the problem of eye injury from hard kicking rifles with tang sights but it certainly exists. The factory buckhorn sight isn’t well understood for accurate use and can be more precise than most realize. Keeping the front sight in the bottom of the rear notch works well for most shooters. Just the same, I have looked for something more useful and with greater accuracy potential.

I am pleased that I began shooting with iron sights. I use quality optics on some rifles and appreciate the improvement in long range accuracy potential. Just the same, for close range hunting and use against potentially dangerous animals I prefer iron sights. Among the best combinations I have ran across in some time is the new Skinner Sights Ladder Sight. It is patterned after the famous Buffington sight used on the Springfield Trapdoor 45-70 Government service rifle. The Buffington sight earned an excellent reputation for accuracy potential in trained hands and in many ways was ahead of its time. The sight from Skinner is designed for use with lever action rifles in the 30-30 class.

The first impression of Skinner Sights is of…

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