Multitasker Series 3

A great multi-use tool for gunsmiths and armorers.

by Steph Martz

Every gunsmith or armorer has their go-to multitool that they use when they’re out of the shop. The Multitasker Series 3 is that tool for many. It is strong, durable, and made for weapons maintenance and equipment installations.

Multitasker Tools is a company that is built around the shooter’s needs. As gunsmiths and armorers the end goal is to allow the operator to perform with their equipment functioning to the best of its ability. Multitasker tools does just that with their Series 3 and Twist. The Series 3 is a multitool ideal for use when away from the shop but still be able to perform any duties needed to keep a weapon going. The Twist is more minimalist than the Series3 but still is able to perform multiple jobs.

Shane Keng, the president of Multitasker Tools, also invented the Mag-Pod, an attachment that improves monopod use in magazine-supported shooting positions while not taking up any rail space as a bipod would. Knowing who is inventing the gear that we use and trust should be important to anyone. Having a mindset and goals that are inline with the end user is huge. This company does just that. The tools are made for the shooter and the maintainer with no added gimmicks.

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