Reamers and Slides

Dave Manson Precision Reamers makes cutting tools and gauges for the firearms industry, from large manufacturers to one-man shops and hobbyists. Owner Dave Manson and his employees are all participants in the shooting sports and have skill and experience as shooters as well as tool makers.

Dave Manson and company make a varied and large selection of standard chambering reamers and headspace gauges for all types of firearms. Virtually any caliber and/or wildcat can be made on special order. They also offer a selection of tooling for other gunsmithing tasks, such as action truing, muzzle re-crowning, screw-in choke installation, forcing cones cutters, barrel wall thickness gauges, and others. (810/953-0732) has a host of articles with instructions, useful information, answers to frequently asked questions, and videos. In addition to their standard catalog of items, the site also list specials and discounts, such as manufacturer overruns and writer’s tools used by gunsmiths in published articles.

Lone Wolf

Founded 1998, Lone Wolf Arms (, 208/448-0600) is a Glock accessory maker with in-house engineers that use Computer Aided Design and Computer Numerical Control machines for their custom parts. The company prides itself in their unique designs ideal for gunsmiths making custom builds. LWD’s website provides inventory in real time and orders usually ship the same day.

The Wolves Den is a promotions section that is updated regularly. Parts can include one-offs, factory seconds, to complete uppers in various finishes and patterns for multiple generation models.

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