Lyman M77 Globe Sight

Restoring a Lyman M77 globe sight using old and new school techniques, including 3D printing.

by John Baxter

Most of us have an eclectic accumulation of stuff we have collected over the years based on our hobbies, professions, or even inheritance. In my case I have several genres of things, including obscure marine hardware, various woodworking novelties, motors, and, of course, gun parts.

The gun parts represent several generations of meticulous acquisition and preservation, resulting in many items that are beautifully manufactured but sometimes missing critical parts or related assemblies. Such was the case when I began a project to build a target plinker from an 1895 Mauser action I picked up at a gun show some years back. The sight combination I selected for this project is comprised of a Lyman M77 front globe sight and Armstrong dual-range peep sight for the receiver.

The first step was to model the sight in, a free online computer aided design (CAD) package.

Download the STL CAD files for the inserts.

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