New CNC Equipment

Tormach, Inc. (, 608/850-2581) has new shop items for both beginning and experienced Computer Numeric Control tool users.

The xsTECH Router Mill with PathPilot HUB is a ready-to-use tabletop unit ideal for students learning CNC fundamentals or for small jobs. Despite a small footprint that can fit on nearly any bench or similar workspace, the xsTECH features capabilities for cutting plastics, wood, and aluminum.

Intended as a started CNC system for students learning CNC fundamentals, the xsTECH comes ready to run and requires no assembly. It plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet. For those outside of the U.S., a 230V version is available. Tormach’s PathPilot HUB offers remote learning for students and teachers, having been used extensively by teachers during the COVID pandemic, and serves as the basis of a variety of CNC machines, including the xsTECH.

The xsTECH comes with a wide variety of features including, 10.4” Touchscreen PathPilot Controller, Keyboard, Mouse, and Jog Shuttle, WiFi Module, Electronic Tool Setter, 16-Piece Carbide Cutting Tool Set, and ER11 Collets for 1/8”, 1/4”, and 4mm. Aftermarket ER11 collets are available in 1/8-5/16” and 1mm-7mm sizes. The Tormach xsTECH is now available for a $500 discount with free shipping to the continental USA by going to Tormach’s website and ordering the xsTECH using promotional code: xsTECH500.

8L Lathe

For bigger jobs, Tormach recently released their 8L Lathe. Rigid enough to cut anything, from plastic to stainless steel and titanium, the 8L can be had in Entry, Deluxe, and Premium packages. The base model includes a tailstock, fully-assembled enclosure, and works with your tooling. The Deluxe and Premium Packages include a stand with coolant tank, separate chip drawer, storage space, controller arm, LCD monitor, waterproof mouse and keyboard, a complete lathe tool kit, and OXA tool holder kit.

The 8L lathe features a 5C spindle that accommodates parts up to 1” diameter, which meets the needs of most lathe users. For larger pieces up to 8” in diameter, users can add a 3- or 4-jaw chuck to cut the stock. It’s configured for Industry Standard OXA Quick Change Tool Post. Instead of the operator needing two wrenches that turn hardware in opposite directions, the machine itself can lock down the tool holder and allowing “one hand tool changing”.

The 8L 1.5 HP (1.11 kW) spindle runs at 180-5,000 RPM and is inside a fully-assembled enclosure attached to a hand-scraped 140-pound cast base. Standard single-phase household power (115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, and a 15 A breaker) powers the unit. Stepper motors on the X and Z axes provide a feed rate of 150 IPM (3.8 m/min). The maximum workpiece length is 10” with the tailstock. The X-axis travel is 4.5”, so users can accommodate a part that fully utilizes the 8” swing. Like all Tormach CNC machines, the 8L lathe is controlled by the PathPilot software system.

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