1911 Parts Kits

Some kits and parts for building custom 1911 handguns. American Weapons Components (AmericanWeaponsComponents.com, 855/904-0040‬) is offering their 1911 80% Government Kit for building a personalized and custom 1911. As an unfinished (80%) frame, this is a not an FFL item and is not a complete frame as it requires machining to be done.

All AWC 1911 parts and accessories are made with high quality materials and manufacturing. The kit includes a 80% lower frame, barrel, slide, all internal components, and a frame end mil fixture and tooling kit for finishing the frame.

The parts kit includes all small parts and are machine grade stainless steel; no cast or MIM parts. This includes the 80% 1911 forged 416 stainless steel Series 80 frame, Series 80 to Series 70 conversion shim, forged 416 stainless steel Series 80 slide with Novak sight cut, match grade barrel, one-piece guide rod, match barrel bushing, plunger tube, internal extractor, skeletonized three-hole aluminum trigger, beavertail safety, mainspring housing, fire control parts, and spring and pin kits.

The 1911 80% frame is finished in four operations: Decking the top (done first), hammer hole, sear hole, slide rails, and beavertail safety fitting to your personal preference. The end mill tooling kit contains all the end mill tooling to cut the frame rails and to drill sear and hammer pin holes, including #22, #35, and #1/16 (left handed) drill bits, and high speed steel 7/64 key cutter and 1/2 4 Flute end mill bit. Hand fitting to the final dimensions is recommended. The entire kit with jig and tooling sells for $1,399.99.

1911 DTS

Nighthawk Custom (NighthawkCustom.com, 870/423-4867) offers their Nighthawk Custom Drop-In Trigger System. The DTS is an all-in-one unit that replaces the hammer, hammer strut, sear, disconnector, and sear spring. The existing sear pin and hammer pin holds the DTS in place but no other parts are necessary for installation as a steel housing secures the unit. The traditional three-pronged sear spring is no longer necessary as the springs for the disconnector and sear are built in, including a single-leg grip safety spring.

All internal components are machined from bar stock 416 stainless steel. The DTS works with 1911 models in Series 70, Series 80, and Swartz Style, as well as 2011 models. Minimal tools required to complete installation, letting you get a clean and crisp 3.5-3.75 pound trigger pull in minutes. The DTS sells for $299.99.

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