Ruger 22/45 Mark III

How to reassemble a Ruger rimfire handgun from a box of parts.

by Glen Calvert

If a survey was taken on which rimfire handgun was most likely to be brought to a gunsmith in pieces, I’m guessing it would be one of the Ruger rimfires, such as the Mark I, II, or III, or one of the 22/45 versions. The owner of the 22/45 in this article was honest and said he disassembled it for cleaning. He followed the instructions in the manual but just could not get it back together and functional. It was the well-known issue with the mainspring housing and hammer strut that has frustrated owners for many years and led Ruger to change the design and eliminate the problem with the Mark IV models. I appreciated the owner’s honesty, rather than giving a lame excuse like blaming a friend or brother-in-law.

William B. Ruger, Sr. is well known for his innovative gun designs and manufacturing processes. He and his partner, Alexander Sturm, formed Sturm, Ruger & Co. in 1949. Sturm, an artist and author, designed the heraldic eagle medallion for the handgrips and it became the official logo for the corporate literature and advertising. Sturm also provided the start-up capital for the company.

What is less well known, in 1938 Ruger started on a design for a …

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