Firing Pin Gauge

Measuring firing pin protrusion can identify one reason for light primer strikes and misfires. Here’s how I made my own gauge.

by Roy Seifert

In American Gunsmith January 2021, author RK Campbell’s article “Firing Pin Logic and Mechanics” discussed firing pin protrusion as being a potential cause of misfires and light primer strikes. If the firing pin does not strike the primer deep enough to crush the priming compound against the anvil and cause ignition, a misfire occurs. If the firing pin protrudes too far it can pierce the primer and cause blowback or other problems.

SAAMI defines firing pin protrusion as, “The distance the firing-pin protrudes from the breech face when it is in its most forward position.” Brownells provides some general rules for firing pin protrusion. Centerfire rifles and handguns usually measure between…

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