NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo 2021

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF.org, 203/426-1320) announced open attendee registration for the Range-Retailer Business Expo on July 12-14 in West Palm Beach, Florida. This Expo is the first major industry in-person event since the pandemic struck.

“The Expo’s return to the calendar of events gives firearm industry members who have endured pandemic-related disruptions to business and trade shows cause for excitement and optimism,” said Zach Snow, NSSF’s Director, Retail and Range Business Development. “If 2020 taught industry anything, it’s the importance of being flexible and able to adapt to a fast-changing business environment, as well as the necessity of innovating to attract and retain new customers.”

The scheduled education tracks will focus on adapting to a changed business environment and include topics such as making the most of opportunities presented by changing times and a new, non-traditional customer base; strategies to stay ahead of the competition; insights on improving business processes, customer development and engagement techniques; how to effectively engage established and new gun owners during times of high demand and scarce supplies; and how to develop events in the pandemic era to activate and reactivate customers and members.

The Expo’s educational tracks benefit both established firearm range and retail operators as well those launching a new ranges or shops. The Expo will also hold a full range-retailer trade show with vendors showcasing the latest in range equipment, business software solutions, and equipment distributors, among others.

“With the millions of new gun owners and shooters now part of the firearm community, demand on the range, retail floor and for classroom time has never been higher. Attending the Expo is critical for existing businesses who want to gain, maintain or retain a competitive edge in this new environment,” said Snow. “There’s really no other event like it, and this year it has the added dimension of bringing industry a step closer to returning to normalcy.”

All firearm retailers and range operators are invited to attend, and NSSF members receive a significant discount on their registration fee. Complete information on attendee registration, hotel reservations and the expo agenda can be found at NSSF.org/expo-2021.

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