Gunsmith Schools

An overview of NRA-approved gunsmithing schools and their education offerings.

by Dean Meier

The National Rifle Association has approved four affiliated schools across the country. In addition to a uniform certifying process, all offer short-term gunsmithing courses to aspiring gunsmiths. Options range from individual courses lasting a few days to complete degree-producing programs.

Becoming an NRA Gunsmithing school is a selective process. All schools must have an existing gunsmithing program (minimum three years) with full-time students currently enrolled in classes, knowledgeable and experienced instructors, and proper facilities to host potential students. Schools meeting this criteria must submit a formal application and be vetted and verified by the NRA Gunsmith team.

The NRA Gunsmith courses are typically held during the spring and summer months and can range from several days to two weeks. This is in addition to the school’s in-residence degree programs. Prices vary according to the course and school as do the number of students allowed per course.

Students graduating from a course receive a certificate of completion from the school. However, you must complete a long-term gunsmithing school to receive an official certification or degree as a gunsmith. While all NRA Gunsmithing Schools provide basic introductions to the art of gunsmithing and offer valuable new skills and insight into the needed tools, the specific offerings vary by school as does the exact curriculum.

A list of current schools in this program:

For full details of these courses, see the May 2021 issue.

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