Free Gunsmith Videos

A number of gunsmiths have free instructional videos on Search for these channels and check them out before someone decides these videos “violate community standards.”

45 Alfa Charlie Papa:

Also posting as The Old Singing Gunsmith, American Gunsmith contributor Paul Mazan has great videos, some with his son, covering modern guns, black powder, and military surplus firearms.

The Gun Bench:

Formerly The Shooters Table, this channel is devoted to safety, shooting, and education, including a number of disassembly/assembly videos, parts installations, and repairs.

DH Gunworks:

“Gunsmithing is a great hobby and a rewarding profession. Some people fish, I have my lathe.” DH Gunworks has scores of informative how-to videos.

Mark Novak (Anvil):

“Many of the old school craftsmen who built and maintained these pieces are long gone, and with them goes their knowledge base. Since we can no longer ask them how they learnt their craft, we seek to demonstrate the process of acquiring this lost wisdom.”

Grumpy Gunsmith of Williamsburg:

Clay Smith worked at the Colonial Williamsburg gunshop for over two decades and has nearly a half century experience of blackpowder gun building. Yes, his profile picture is him flipping off the camera. Also, check out

Sonoran Desert Institute:

Sonoran Desert Institute’s School of Firearms Technology gunsmith school has over a hundred informative videos, including featuring Student Builds of the Week where SDI students highlight their work.

The Real Gunsmith:

Randy Selby built rifles for over 52 years and his channel shares some of his knowledge, ideas, opinions, and maybe even a story or two.

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