Shadow Systems MR920

An overview of building highly-customized Glocks.

by RK Campbell

Many popular handguns have been copied, cloned, and flattered by makers who thought they could either sell the pistol cheaper or make it better. Examples include the Llama pistols on the cheap end of 1911 clones, the middle of the road Kimber, to top end Les Baer handguns. The new wave of striker fired clones are coming as well. Some are foreign produced and others are domestic designs.

Improvements from the factory and from custom makers have come slowly and incrementally to the Glock, now in its fifth generation. Glock has started offering a retro Glock reissue of the original first generation, a sure sign of a brand’s popularity. Aftermarket parts were first offered in the form of sights, then trigger groups, barrels, modified frames, and new production slides.

The Glock is among the most popular handguns in the world. The hallmark of the Glock is reliability. Human engineering or ergonomics could stand improvement but reliability is not an issue. Practically every striker fired polymer frame pistol on the planet shows some type of Glock influence. The Glock design sometimes limits a shooters best efforts at accuracy. Pistols with a steel slide and polymer frame are sometimes slide heavy. Not everyone likes the factory grip design and feel the balance of abrasion and adhesion is far from ideal. Many shooters like the Glock but prefer the 1911 grip angle. I have noticed 1911 shooters once favoring the Browning High Power have now almost universally adopted the Glock.

A desire for improvements led to the Shadow Systems MR920, a popular Glock clone the same size as a Glock 19. It could be considered a…

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