BSD Fabrication and Works

The history and how-to of a gunsmith company startup.

by Dean Meier

Gunsmithing is a specialized art form that focuses on repairing, modifying, designing, and building firearms. Provisions like welding and machining are required in order to properly repair and modify firearms. BSD Fabrication and Works was officially established May 2020 by owner/operator Brice De La Cerda as an independent full-service machine, welding, fabrication, and gunsmithing business.

Starting his professional career as a race mechanic with a passion for automobile tuning/modification, new and developing interests evolved with time. Having been born with a natural artistic talent, Brice developed his skills in the trades of welding, metal working, and machining through practice, local employment opportunities, and online resources. Over time, he saved money to supply his own machine shop along with inherited tools from master machinist Luis Padilla and gunsmith Charlie Shepard. Starting out with a nine-inch Atlas Lathe and a 1950s Series 1 Bridgeport, Brice officially opened up shop.

Knowing from the start that production work would never fulfill creative desires, BSD became oriented around custom designs and ideas that clients wanted to create but didn’t know how to implement. A large part of this creative flexibility is owed to the versatility of of an all-manual machine shop which BSD uses for all of their work to design and handcraft projects in close communication with their clients. As more requests for work and projects come in, plans are in place to expand services and offer mass production options for popular designs by adding a fleet of CNC machines. The blend of manual machines and tools for bespoke custom work along with automation when needed will allow for lower production costs. Prospective clients can read the company via email or social media (,, 561/603-7209) for inquiries.

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