Phoenix Arms HP22

Sometimes a repair can be as simple as replacing a part. Here’s how I handled repairing a Phoenix Arms HP22.

by Roy Seifert

I had been searching for a small 22 Long Rifle pistol to carry as a backup to my primary everyday carry when I came across a broken Phoenix Arms HP22. The seller disclosed that the hammer would not stay back. Looking at the schematic on the Phoenix Arms web site ( I guessed the problem was either the hammer, sear, or sear spring, all of which I could purchase directly from Phoenix Arms. Because I was not the original owner with a warranty card on file, their lifetime warranty would not apply. I could send it back to the factory and have them fix it for a $50 service fee, but what’s the fun of that? I decided to tackle the repair on my own.

First, some background info. Phoenix Arms is located in Ontario, California. They make two very affordable semi-auto pocket pistols, the HP22A in 22 LR, and the HP25A in 25 Automatic Colt Pistol. My gun was the earlier HP22 model that came with a three-inch barrel, but Phoenix Arms also has a five-inch extended barrel available. The grip is small; my little finger hangs off the bottom, but the company offers an extended magazine available with a finger rest. This gun has a varied reputation; some people hate it, but others say it’s one of their favorites. This little gun is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Disassembly and Inspection…

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