Nighthawk Custom DTS

The Nighthawk Custom Drop-In Trigger System provides an option for 1911s similar to AR-15 and other drop-in units.

by RK Campbell

Among the advantages of the 1911 pistol is its straight-to-rear trigger press. This trigger was usually found to be six to eight pounds of compression on military pistols. Good work could be done in combat shooting with this trigger, although there is a huge difference between a smooth, tight, but heavy trigger compared to a rough, heavy trigger typically found on cheap pistols. Shooters want a smooth and lighter trigger action, especially for accuracy work. Of course, this is achievable providing the gunsmith doing the work is skilled. Quality trigger action can be expensive consider the time involved in honing parts by hand. Even purchasing a trigger set from a maker doesn’t guarantee that fitting isn’t needed and some parts require more fitting than others.

Nighthawk Custom has introduced an innovative and interesting trigger component to address this with their Drop-In Trigger System. The Nighthawk DTS is compact, well made, and easy to install. It was invented by Mark Dye, the Director of Gunsmithing Program at Montgomery Community College.

A trained gunsmith will find the DTS a great option compared to ordering an ignition set and then installing it. While the home hobbyist is discouraged from working trigger actions, a gunsmith skilled with the 1911 and its function will find the DTS a workable system with a minimum of experience.

The DTS combines the …

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