MillRight CNC

MillRight CNC specializes in desktop CNC and tabletop CNC machines at affordable prices. Made in the United States, MillRight CNC machines can mill wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, aluminum, brass, carbon fiber, and many other materials. With appropriate tooling, jobs can range from engraving surfaces to cuts all the way through the material. Both 2D work and 3D carvings are possible. While not explicitly rated for steel and stone, MillRight customers have sucessfully used these machines on these materials with success.

MillRight works with various software, including free options. The company recommends Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing and generating tool paths as it is an industry standard. Autodesk provides free licenses for Fusion 360 to hobbyists and small businesses. Interfacing with the machines can be done with Universal G Code Sender Platform, available on MillRight’s website.

While Fusion 360 and Universal G Code Sender Platform will serve most user’s needs, other free programs such as MakerCAM, Inkscape, F-Engrave, dmap2gcode, and Grbl Panel also work. Some customers have sucessfully used paid programs such as V Carve, Aspire, Cut 2D, or Cut 3D. MillRight is a Vectric software dealer and can sell options if Fusion 360 does not suit your needs.

One popular machine in MillRight’s lineup is the Mega V. Constructed of 1/4″ steel bearing plates, the Mega V features high performance NEMA 23 motors along with large digital stepper motor drivers and a 48VDC power supply. The Mega V traverses at 650 inches per minute (16,510 mm/minute) on the X and Y axes, giving a diagonal traverse rate of almost 920 inches per minute (23,368mm/minute). Acceleration is fast and has a maximum cutting rate of 500 inches per minute (12,700 mm/minute).

The overall footprint depends on whether you put the control box to the left of the machine or on a shelf up underneath. Not counting the control box, the 35×35″ machine is 42″ deep by 48″ wide and the 19×19″ machine is 27″ deep and 33″ wide. The electronics control box is about 12×12″. The router version is 19″ tall.

The weight of the machine depends on different factors, such as whether you have a T plate bed or standard MDF bed. Generally speaking, the 19×19″ router weights about 100 pounds. The 35×35″ router weighs about 175 pounds.

Depending on options, the Mega V Router Bundle is priced at $1,574-$2,907. Financing is available. Contact 229/439-6569 or

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