Smith & Wesson Victory Fixes

Standard repair techniques only worked to a point after discovering off-spec bolts and an old trick learned from Colt Conversions was ideal for this Smith & Wesson Victory.

by RK Campbell

Smith & Wesson introduced the SW22 Victory self-loading rimfire pistol a few years ago. This is a versatile, optics-ready, and quite useful firearm that has been successful for Smith & Wesson. An obvious competitor to Ruger’s Standard Model, the SW22 Victory has proven successful and seems widely used. This is a huge market. Everyone needs a quality 22 Long Rifle handgun for stress reduction, plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting among other necessities of life that this pistol ably serves. Such pistols are far from useless for emergency use as well. The Victory has been widely accepted and found its way into practically every niche a 22 Long Rifle handgun fits.

The Smith & Wesson Victory is useful for pest control and also in introducing new shooters to the handgun. Smith & Wesson went after one of the few drawbacks of the Ruger Standard Model in the design of the Victory. The Standard Model is a bit difficult to disassemble. While Ruger has addressed this issue in the newest generations, the SW22 Victory is simple to disassemble with an Allen wrench that comes with the gun.

To disassemble, remove the magazine, rack the bolt, and check the chamber is empty. Turn the takedown screw out with the supplied Allen wrench. After the screw is turned out a few turns, the receiver can be …

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