MillRight CNC Power Route XL Assembled

MillRight CNC (, 229/439-6569) is a manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in affordable desktop CNC and tabletop CNC machines at affordable prices. MillRight’s machines work with various software, including free options and popular options such as Autodesk.

The MillRight CNC Power Route XL Assembled unit mills wood, plastic, foam, carbon fiber, circuit boards, soft metals, and occasional light cuts in hard metals. It features a working area of 49.5″×49.5″×5″ on a footprint of 69″ wide x 66″ deep x 49″ inches high with a weight of 450 pounds.

Of advantage to a shop new to Computerized Numerical Control machines, the Power Route XL is a powerful, rigid, precision router that arrives 99% assembled. It is assembled and tested at MillRight’s factory and only requires minor finishing to start using being shipped to you in a large crate and ready to go.

When standing on its legs, the 4′ x 4′ machine has a work table height of about 30″ with a DWP618 2.25 horsepower router, custom billet aluminum router mount, basic clamps, and one 1/4″ carbide end mill. The Power Route XL does not come with design software, however, Autodesk offers all hobbyists a free license (not a trial) for design software called Fusion 360. also lists other free options, such as Vectric CAD/CAM programs.

The machine has a movement range of 1300mm x 1275mm x 128mm (51″x50″x5″) with X and Y rail dimensions of 60mm x 60mm with up to 12mm thickness (2.36″ x 2.36″; up to 0.472″ thick) and a Z rail of 12mm supported linear shaft. The router is a 120V 2.25 horsepower DeWalt DWP618. The machine has a cutting feed rate of 7620 mm/min (300 inches per minute). The control box comes with the electronics pre-wired for you and sits on a shelf below the machine’s work table.

The assembled Power Route XL is about 69″ wide x 66″ deep x 49″ high with a shipping weight of about 550 pounds available for $5,669. Due to its size and weight, it must ship truck freight. The website will charge about $500 for truck freight but the actual shipping may differ depending on your location. MillRight can give you an exact quote if you need.


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