2022 Average Hunter St. Jude Auction

Matt Staser is hosting a March 2022 benefit for St. Jude Children’s Hospital online at BidsForTheKids.com. The Average Hunter St. Jude Auction is a yearly auction hosted online every March for the sole purpose of raising money for St. Jude. Filled with items from the hunting, fishing, automotive, and all of the outdoors industry, this auction draws an audience and bidders from all over North America via the @averagehunter social following covering nearly 200,000 followers as well as paid advertising and promoting the sponsors via their social media.

Larger high-end donations will get their own raffle with extra advertising. Levels include:

Platinum Donor for those who donating over $300 in products receive your brand’s logo highlighted on the many advertising banners created that will be used to promote this auction. You will also get a platinum sponsor banner on your featured auction image as well as listed as a Platinum sponsor on the site.

Gold Donor for over $150 in donations will get your logo streaming on the website and a gold sponsor banner on your featured auction image.

Auction listings will be added to the website as soon as they are confirmed. So your product and brand will get maximum exposure the sooner you are able to confirm your donation.

As this is an unfunded event, all the proceeds of the auction will also pay for the shipping of the items to the winners which takes away from the funds that we would be able to donate.

Documentation is available providing all non-profit 501c3 information for your tax needs. Please review the website at BidsForTheKids.com and look over the Past Auctions in the tab at the top of the page to see what all have been donated in the past.

Visit them online at AverageHunter.com, BidsForTheKids.com, Twitter.com/AverageHunter, Instagram/AverageHunter, or Facebook.com/AverageHunter.

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