SHOT Show 2022

Interesting New Products at Shot Show 2022

SHOT Show, the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show always delivers on informing you about stuff you didn’t know you needed and if you’re lucky you may be able to find some discounts on the cool new stuff that you must have.

If you want to see what products are new and the best of the best, look no further. Only the best is shown here, at the yearly event put on by NSSF, the Firearm Industry Trade Association. Let us see what is of the best have to offer in 2022.

1.     Mantis Blackbeard

If you are looking for the ultimate AR trigger reset, you must look no further. For $250 you can take 10 dry shots per second. What a fast rate! Installation is a breeze where all you must do is remove the bolt carrier group and put Blackbeard in.

It will work with your existing trigger, so no need for extra fuss!

This will save you money with each trigger break and reset. You can even add in a laser for free in green, red, or infrared. The United States military uses the great tool to be able to have realistic dry fire practice but save money by not using as much ammunition during practice.

Save thousands of dollars by purchasing this neat little add on and practice as much as your heart desires.

2.     The Pro-Shooter Series 2 Smart Electronic Target System

This target system has been in development for a long time.

Two years, to be exact! It has been put together with both American and Australian patents and trademarks. Using Wi-Fi, you can connect a total of 15 targets at one time. Feedback from the targets is instantly downloaded to the Pro-Shooter app, giving you an on-the-spot update of your practice.

To make it even more “real,” you can set up your round capacity and your phone will prompt you each time you need to reload.

The system will be updated regularly with new shooting modes, features, and support for newer technologies.

 Additionally, you can use the Pro-Shooter Series 2 Smart Electronic Target System with the Pro-Shooter Series 1/2 Pro-Shooter Dry-Fire Trainers, the Pro-Shooter Vibration activated laser, and with Laser bullets in regular firearms.

What a convenient, flexible tool to have in your arsenal.

3.     Caliber Colors – Caliber Identification System

Are you a dealer in need of a better way of helping customers find the caliber that meets their wants and needs?

This Caliber Colors, Caliber Identification System is for you. For $0.15 a pop, you can put a self-adhesive rubber band around anything you need including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and black powder.

Each set comes with a color-coded chart that you can hang in your store for easy access for your customers. You can wrap the bands around stocks, barrels, trigger guards, or price tags, whichever option will work best for your situation.

These will save much time, guesswork, and stress in searching for the right gun for you and for your customers.

4.     .44 Auto Mag Model D

The original .44 Auto Mag has been around for four decades, making itself an icon in literature, cinematic features, and in general firearm history.

This is the first updated version in a long time, but it has kept the iconic and original look and feel. The company says that they have made about 20 improvements to the weapon, bringing it up to snuff, if you will.

This long-awaited update is now available, but not for a small price. If you want to pick up one of these bad boys, you will be dropping about $4,000. Clint Eastwood would be proud, but even he may have sticker shock!

5.     Fifth Ops 12 Gauge Perimeter Trip Alarm

Are you in need of something to deter bears and other predators from your campsite or your homestead?

Fith Ops has created a 12 Gauge Perimeter Trip Alarm that will deter anything from the area you want to be secured. Did I mention it does this non-lethally?

For $30 you can get a spring-loaded firing mechanism with a trip trigger. When the trigger is disturbed while the product is loaded with a 12-gauge blank round, the unit will discharge. $30 is a cheap bargain for such a small device that can deter predators.

The blanks used should be powerful so that they are loud enough to warn anyone or anything that may be thinking of entrenching on your property.

6.     Aim Perfect simulator

This product was created by a SWAT operator for law enforcement and hunters, the Aim Perfect software makes your computer a shooting simulation.

All you must do is load the software and connect your computer to a projector, and boom. You have your own simulator in your home. The best part?

You can either use real guns or simulation guns, and you can record your own scenarios using a cell phone or other device with a camera. Create your own scenarios and test your employees, family, or yourself.

You will be able to review your accuracy and you will hone in your skills in no time.

7.     FoldAR

Finally, one of the best new products of 2022 is the “fits-in-a-purse ar-15.” This ar-15 collapses like a trifold wallet would, easily hidden, easily carried.

Making it go into full shooting mode takes less than five seconds with the specially made leaver. The folding design has made it to where there is no detectable gas leakage, and the one-to-zero after unfolding is one-sixteenth inch at 100 yards.

This is an impressive addition to the AR-15 world, one that many will inevitably jump on.


Shot Show 2022 was not one to miss.

These are the best 7 new products released during this show. If you can get your hands on one or if you are lucky, all of them, you will not regret it. The producers of these products did their research and created products that you as the consumer will love. There are many other great products that came out of the Shot Show, and hopefully many more will come in 2023.

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